Rossmary Valverde

Rossmary Valverde






Globos de los Andes

"Globos de los Andes"
Original Mixed Media




" Rondita "
Original Mixed Media








“My culture is full of seductive colors. I shape the mountains with my every brushstroke and a variety of greens help me define the landscape. The horizon in contrast, makes me use tonalities of blues, violets and yellows…my art reflects and states a deep love for the culture of Peru, my country. Painting is for me is a celebration of the spirit, as well as an exploration of the human experience. Expressing myself through painting has always been an enjoyment, even to depict my very personal emotions, memories, and the colors of my own universe.” - Rossmary Valverde

Rossmary Valverde, born in Lima, Peru in 1969, is a true naïve artist. She creates visual connections deeply rooted in ancient traditions and influenced by the Peruvian art of almost 2000 years ago.

Valverde’s paintings utilize intricate, curvilinear design, solid color fields and sophisticated spatial structures similar to the pre-Columbian textiles used in ceremonial mantles and headdresses. Influences from the ancient red and green feathered ceremonial clothing can also be seen as Valverde juxtaposes brilliant reds and greens generating a movement and wave-like energy. Her human figures create visual connections to the rotund and vessel-like figurines depicted in ancient Peruvian pottery.

Within her paintings musical celebrations and village life become the center of the social universe. Valverde’s unique aerial perspective takes the viewer on a journey; sweeping over villages and leading into the rarefied crystalline atmosphere of the high Andes. Enhanced by the graduated cool blues of the horizon, the total effect of all of these elements gives the viewer a sense of a floating world nestled in the great expanse of the Andean skies.

Special Commissions & Exhibitions

Doodle for Hunger - Celebrity Art Auction, Tavern on the Green, New York City - invited to participate in a philanthropic auction to benefit The Capuchin Food Pantries, 2009

Killari - illustrated a bilingual children’s book, 2007

Latin Eyes, television show - Valverde was interviewed and her paintings were featured, 2002

Sabias que - created the cover illustration for a Spanish Textbook, 2002

Phoenix edition of Home and Garden - prominently featured in the article The Joy of Color 1998

Gallery 444 - solo exhibitions and exclusive representation since 1995

“This bright and shining new star of the art world continues to maintain the purity and innocence of her vision.” - Microsoft Network's Sidewalk San Francisco



Rossmary Valverde's Artwork

Rossmary Valverde's 2017 Exhibition

Paintings for Valverde's Book "Killari"

Valverde's 2008 Book Signing Reception

Valverde's 2004 Show at Gallery 444

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Portal En Chincheros

"Portal En Chincheros"
Original Mixed Media


Amadeo y Sus Vacas

"Amadeo y Sus Vacas"
Original Mixed Media



La Boda de Veronica

" La Boda de Veronica "
Original Mixed Media