An internationally recognized sculptor and an avid equestrian, Andreason is noted for her powerful bronze and cast stone equine, figurative and mythological forms.

From early childhood, Andreason has felt a keen awareness of the interconnection between nature and humanity. She feels her mission as an artist is to show humans this connection. By portraying the sprit, the beauty, and the power within the very soul of every piece she creates, her sculpting becomes a circle connecting her and the viewer with the creative life forces of all nature.

Incorporating her love of horses, a great deal of the focus during her twenty years as a sculptor has been portraying equine figures. The frequently depict ancient mythological horses. Her sculpting of Bucephalus, the mighty war horse of Alexander the Great, is in the collection of the American Academy of Equine Art in Lexington, Kentucky.

From her studios in Spain and the United States, Andreason creates her original sculpting in either bronze or fired clay limited editions. Also included in her work are special project commissions, custom alto-and bas-relief panels and walls with both equine and human forms. She uses water based clay to sculpt and employs a foundry to cast her bronze pieces.

Andreason has taken numerous art courses from universities and colleges. She learned the technical aspects from private study for five years with the late Tony Peril who taught her the basics of sculpting and was her greatest mentor. Her knowledge of equine anatomy she learned from her mother who was an avid rider as well as an artist. She receives inspiration from the work of Moore, Zuniga, Marini, Picasso and Manzu.

Andreason divides her time between her studios in Spain and the United States. Her work has appeared in one-woman exhibitions internationally and nationally. She is currently represented by galleries in Spain, Paris, London and the United states.






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