George Pali was born in Shkoder, Albania, a small and sunny Mediterranean country. During his childhood he was interested in music. Little by little he abandoned music for painting, through which he felt he could more easily express himself.

George received a BFA from the Institute of Arts in Tirana, Albania in 1980. In January 1988, he escaped from Albania for political and artistic freedom. That same year he emigrated to the United States. Here he pursued a Master of Fine Arts at Michigan State University, were he graduated in 1991. He currently resides in the New England area.

Pali paintings are colorful, textured, and technically executed. His works weave images and feelings of music with his past and present daily life experiences. He plays with a variety of colors, shapes, patterns and compositions. His creations are expressionistic, painterly, and inspirational.



George Pali 2012

George Pali is the recipient of the 2012 Leone 'd'Oro del l'Arte (Golden Lion of Arts) award presented in Monte Carlo (Monaco).



Buffalos Of Goshen

Buffalos Of Goshen


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