"A lot of my work comes from my spirit, from what's inside. I draw a lot from my ancestry. My ancestors guide my strokes, and my work gives honor to their essence. For me, each piece of my work is connected with a strong sense of spirituality and I believe strongly that the more I create, the better my inner spirit becomes and the more I can extend myself to touch my viewers’ thoughts and spirits."

Mixing rich, thin layers of light and dark acrylic pigments with broad, energetic brushstrokes and vibrant colors, artist Danny Broadway exudes his talents by creating pieces that speak to a viewer’s soul. As ancestral memories flood his mind and senses with the sounds, smells, sentiments, sensations, and actions of various eras, Broadway contemplatively depicts serene scenes that entice viewers to gaze often upon history in the present. Though Broadway has a quiet disposition, his art speaks volumes.

His creations span several media types reflecting an artist that is always in motion and striving to reach new heights with his talent. Even as a youngster, Broadway connected with his inherent calling as an artist and has heartfelt memories of creating art. From then until today, Broadway has constantly sought new ways to evolve as an artist. His focus and passion has been evidenced by his dedication to his craft since high school when a dedicated instructor, recognizing Broadway’s diligence and desire, took Broadway under her wing.

Broadway’s disciplined, yet freely expressed, creativity led him to a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Memphis. There, the University chose to commission his paintings as a major feature of the University’s Black History Month posters for two consecutive years. Danny’s dedication to the community is evinced in the numerous paintings and art workshop sessions he donates locally and nationally. Often utilizing his artistic talents to rally support for charitable organizations such as The Memphis Child Advocacy Center, The American Liver Foundation, SOCKS, The American Heart Association, The March of Dimes, Friends for Life, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Memphis. Broadway currently serves as Artist in Residence at St. Georges Independent School where he provides budding artists with the same inspiration he discovered through disciplined creativity. Gallery 444 is proud to bring Danny’s work west of the Mississippi for his first California exhibition in 2012.



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