A self- taught artist, Chuck discovered his artistic talent at an early age. As a child being raised in Orange County, he was fascinated with sketching people and coastal scenes. In his teen years he began working with oil and acrylic paints. His father, George, was a very gifted craftsman who sculpted both fine art and furniture. He recently discovered his mother's painting ability as well.

Joseph uses unconventional materials such as stainless steel and vintage posters. He strives to create work that is beautiful, unique, and interesting. Inspired by controversial and eccentric art and in an effort to be non-conforming, he keeps his distance from the art scene to both protect and perfect his style. Until recently he only created commissioned work. In 2008, he felt that his work was finally ready to present to the public. His debut collection was called "Torched." Exotic wood was the backdrop, and he created the subject using both acrylic paint and torching. Chuck has since started working with oil pants and canvas again, but has kept his custom designed stainless steel frame with each piece.



Cocktails At Sunset

Cocktails At Sunset



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