La Siesta

La Siesta
oil with collage on canvas









Graciela  Rodo Boulanger

OCTOBER 4, 2019



444 window Oct 4, 2019



Graciela Rodo Boulanger with  La Mandoline



We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with everyone at the opening and thank all who attended. As we all enjoy viewing Graciela's beautiful work, we are part the web of art that branches out like a tree across the globe, connecting us through art and reminding us of our shared humanity.



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Visions From Afar 2017 Exhibition

Boulanger's 2012 Exhibition

Boulanger Family 2010 Exhibition

Boulanger's 2008 Exhibition

Boulanger's 2006 Retrospective

Boulanger at Gallery 444 2000 & 2003

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