Born in 1991 in San Diego, California, Alexander Tadlock is a Mexican-American realist artist. Raised in Southern Mexico, Northern California and Western Europe, he has been exposed to diverse cultures that have enriched him with a world vision for fine arts. In his paintings and murals, he applies a mixed media technique through the use of oils and spray paint and is inspired by vivid colors of Mexican folklore, the human and animal figures leading him to develop his style of ‘Magic Realism’.

Through his paintings and murals, Tadlock aims to drive positive change in social behavior and individual empowerment by being a source of inspiration and a call to action.

During the last six years, Tadlock has been traveling and painting murals in thirteen countries around the world. Examples of these projects are the main entrance mural of the Art Academy AD’A in Florence, Italy, a five story building mural for the Mexican embassy in Casablanca, Morocco and a government project ‘Art for the blind’ mural in Santiago Chile.

Besides his global, visual journey, Tadlock has collaborated with some of Europe’s leading companies such as the Dutch software company Backbase, for whom he painted over 20 canvases for the collection called ‘Superheroes’.

Tadlock is constantly learning new techniques to further develop his style, hence his recent decision to settle down in San Francisco to start the Master of Fine Arts program at the Academy of Art University.

Gallery 444 in San Francisco is proud to be Tadlock’s first American gallery.



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