"Hanging Around 1"
Hand-Forged Steel Sculpture











The art of New Zealand sculptor John Wolter is inspired primarily by the human form in motion. In his art, Wolter looks carefully at the intricate connections between music and movement and how this comes to be expressed in the human figure, whether the movement is graceful, quirky, dynamic, or riddled with tension. Each sculpture is hand-formed as the artist merges various pieces of metals using hammers, grinders, torches, and welding. It is through this process that Wolter is able to bring to life expressive vibrant forms that celebrate the beauty of the human spirit.

Central to Wolter's creative process is a lifelong love for music, which inspires his concepts and drives the execution of his art. Within each piece, Wolter hopes to tell a story and portray the human form and condition in a captured moment both physical and emotive. Indeed, the viewer cannot help but be drawn in by the characters depicted, as each figure simultaneously captures both the sacredness of the individual spirit and the universal human experience of which we all form a part.

John Wolter's Art

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"Into The Blue"
Hand-Forged Steel Sculpture