Trunk Show at Gallery 444  Dec 4, 2015

We thank everyone who attended our Trunk Show, especially the artists that traveled a long way to be with us. We appreciated very much all of the kind words and tributes about Bettie. Without her, none of this would have transpired. Also, one more big hug for Janice Maxie Reid, who always brings great music to the Gallery for us to sing and dance.

The Trunk Show exhibition will be continue through December. We are off to a great start in helping our elephant friends!

Trunk Show Dec 4, 2015_1


Trunk Show Dec 4, 2015_2 . Janice Maxie Reid at Trunk show Dec 4, 2015_


Marty goldstein at Trunk Show 2015


Karla Chambers at Trunk Show 2015


Luis Valverde and his daughter Rossmary


Pamela Sukhum at Trunk Show 2015



Trunk Show Artwork

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