The elephant’s beauty and elegance has inspired artists since the beginning of the art form itself. What would our world be like without these wonderful and majestic animals?

Gallery 444 celebrates the elephant in this diverse group exhibition featuring work created for this event by artists that all share a common goal : to help raise awareness and much needed contributions for the Elephant Crisis Fund.

To find more ways that you can help the elephants, please visit :

Marty Goldstein - Horton and Horton Jr.

Marty Goldstein - "Horton and Horton Jr."


William Johns - "This Lift Only Goes To The Ninth Floor"



Coplu - "Love You, Love Me"Rafal Olbinski - "Bettie's Dream"



Pamela Sukhum - "Enduring Wisdom"Pamela Sukhum - "Pride"


Chuck Joseph - "Respect"


Danny Broadway - "Listening"Danny Broadway - "Majestic"


D. Cogswell - "Herd Through Time"


Karla Chambers - "Elephant Bling" Sarena Rosenfeld - "Billy"

Karla Chambers - "Elephant Bling"Sarena Rosenfeld - "Billy"


Maryanne Jacobsen - "Golliwog's Cake Walk"

Rossmary Valverde - "Los Elefantes"Rossmary Valverde - "Cuentos de Elephantes"


Luis Valverde - "Papa Tenemos Hambre"Luis Valverde - "A Banarse"


Maryanne Jacobsen - "Golliwog's Cake Walk"Maryanne Jacobsen - "Golliwog's Cake Walk"

Maryanne Jacobsen - "Kumbaya"Maryanne Jacobsen - "Golliwog's Cake Walk"



Pat Hobaugh - "Center Ring"


Jacob Brodsky - "Gentle Touch"Jacob Brodsky - "Holding On"



Dax - "Brand New Mister"A. Wong - "All My Relations"


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