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First iPad

"First iPad"
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Pat Hobaugh is on a quest to playfully encourage his audience to contemplate the components shaping our culture. He achieves this by examining contemporary pop culture and expanding upon the traditional idea of representational still life. Hobaugh's subjects examine the cultural indoctrination and development of early adolescents via toy action figures and iconic packaged foods, which serve as a window into the world of childhood mythos.

Hobaugh began his journey growing up on a small farm in rural Indiana. It was not until his last year in college when he took an Art History course that his path in life was forever altered. He fell in love with the Old Masters and started to teach himself to paint. After several years of self-education, he returned to school to earn bachelors and master degrees in painting.

Developing a unique voice since his humble beginnings, Hobaugh’s works have been showcased in The Indiana State Museum and have become a part of the permanent collections of Purdue University and University of Wisconsin. His iconic paintings were chosen to be displayed at the Annual National Juried Exhibition in Chelsea, New York along with being awarded Best of Show at the "Show of Heads" exhibit in Hudson, New York. Hobaugh’s pieces have also been featured in prominent publications such as ARTnews, Visual Overture Magazine and KNEON Magazine. His paintings can also be found in the collections of Hollywood’s elite. He currently resides in Atlanta Georgia, where he paints and teaches art at Georgia State University.


Artist Statement

“When Anthropologists want to learn about a forgotten culture in the jungles of Central America, or on the islands of the Mediterranean, they collect tools, dishware, ornaments, and figurines. These objects are often all that can speak for a long silenced people. I think about this when I walk through a Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, or a Grocery store. What does all of this stuff say about us as a culture? I try to paint this ‘Stuffology.’ It is this stuff that makes up contemporary pop culture, and it is worth the time and effort to place it in a painting for examination and contemplation.

Now, a couple of generations removed from my childhood, I also think it is worthwhile to compare the toys, food, and influences of one generation to the next. And, although the contemplation of a youth lost and the realization of getting older can be depressing, it doesn’t have to be. So, I set up these comparisons in my still-lifes with underlining comedy because a smile is always better than the alternative.”


The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, Bloomington, Indiana
Purdue University, Discovery Learning Research Center, West Lafayette, Indiana
University of Wisconsin, School of Education, Madison, Wisconsin
Emma Roberts, Los Angeles, California
Shawn Pyfrom, Los Angeles, California

Indianapolis Art Center, "Touchy Subjects - Art, Sex and Humor: Selections from the Kinsey Institute" Indianapolis, Indiana, -2013
Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center, "Toys: re-invent, re-imagine, re-discover" Dowell, Maryland -2011
Limner Gallery, "Show of Heads" awarded Best in Show, Hudson, New York -2011
Annual National Juried Exhibition, Prince Street Gallery, Chelsea, New York -2011
Overture Center for the Arts, "Time to Put Away Your Childish Things...And Turn Them into Art" Madison, Wisconsin -2010
University of Wisconsin, "The Things Dreams Are Made Of" (Solo exhibition) -2009
Indiana State Museum, Hoosier Salon 81st Annual Exhibition, Indianapolis, Indiana -2005
Indiana State Museum, Hoosier Salon 80th Annual Exhibition, Indianapolis, Indiana -2004
Cornell College, "Impressionistic Series" (Solo exhibition) Mount Vernon, Iowa -2004
Indiana State Museum, Hoosier Salon 79th Annual Exhibition, Indianapolis, Indiana -2003


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