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Born : Los Angeles, California 1954
Education :
San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco Academy of Art
Los Angeles Valley College
Northridge California
City College of San Francisco
San Francisco State University

Heidi has been involved in making Fine Art works since she was 12. She started to paint seriously in High School. Her first painting sold at a KQED auction in 1970. In her senior year of High School (1972) she was invited to participate in art classes at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, California.

Deciding to pursue a commercial art degree she went to the Academy of Art for several semesters before deciding that Fine Art was her passion.
Moving to Los Angeles, she went back to school to continue her degree in art. At Los Angeles Valley College, she became very involved in printmaking. Focusing on printmaking for several years, Heidi worked as a professional printmaker for Russa Graham, as well as showing her prints at art shows and City Gallery in San Francisco.

From 1979 through 1984, she continued to go to school and worked in the animation industry. Working for Filmation Studios, Don Bluth and Hanna Barbera as a cell painter, Heidi worked on many well known cartoons and films including Flash Gordon and Secret of NIMH. In 1985, Heidi moved backed to San Francisco and has worked in the art field ever since. She has continued to take classes and has worked in all mediums.

Currently, her work in assemblage and the Re-Contextualizing of Objects reflect her views of turning objects that have been discarded and would end up in landfills into beautiful and intriguing kinetic sculptures.


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Kinetic Sculpture