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DAX is a very exciting emerging artist with a huge future. While still in art school, his first sale was three paintings to the state of Florida for their museum, The Ringling Museum in Sarasota. His talent includes animation as well amazing paintings filled with disparate images forming and suggesting other images, all expressing spontaneous thinking. He is a young energetic multi-tasker, painting large complex canvases, while continuing his work on animation and imagery for music videos, as well as his work on iPod video games.

In a magazine interview, DAX said this about his work:

“Looking back, I can trace elements of my style back to the second grade. I would make scribbles in my note book and then change them into people’s faces. I am a huge fan of spontaneity when it comes to art…and the unexpected.

I was a huge fan of artists Salvadore Dali, MC Escher and Norman Rockwell. I like to start out with no idea or direction. With that approach, once the piece that I'm working on is completed, I find myself surprised by it. I'm constantly having fun and challenging myself to create something completely new.

As a catalyst to get me going, I start with one image, either taken from my imagination or a photo. Then, I use the shapes and negative space that compose that image to deconstruct it by turning each of the shapes into one or more recognizable images. All of the seemingly disparate images when juxtaposed together at the end make the final piece full of different stories to see.

My biggest goal for my art is to make it a new experience for the viewer each time they see it. I make these paintings because it is what I see im my head and the way I look at the world.. full of opportunity for something new.”… DAX



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